Cecilia Ahlin

Chief Medical Officer since  2021

Cecilia Ahlingraduated as a medical doctor from the University of Umeå. She is a Board-certified Medical Oncologist and Gynecology Oncologist and obtained a PhD in the field of breast cancer from the University of Uppsala. She has over 20 years of experience treating cancer patients and is still clinical active.

Cecilia has held numerous clinical positions, and is an associate professor in Oncology, at Örebro University. She has been working as a Chief Physician and senior Consultant, including various leadership roles. Outside of a clinical setting, Cecilia functioned as Clinical Assessor for the Swedish Medical Products Agency in Uppsala. In this role she was responsible for assessing and providing national decisions for all clinical trial applications within Oncology and Hematology. Cecilia has extensive experience in providing scientific and regulatory advice to pharma industry and academic researchers.

Since 2017 Cecilia has been working in different roles within the pharma industry as associate Director and Medical Head. In these roles she has been responsible for the strategic planning within different therapeutic areas including upcoming launch plans and reimbursement applications.

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