About us

Vision & Mission


Oxcia is building a global Swedish-based pharmaceutical company, through cutting-edge science, providing life-changing treatments for patients suffering from cancer and inflammation.


Revolutionizing treatments in cancer and inflammation by targeting the oxidative stress and DNA Damage Response, with the goal of saving and improving lives globally.

Hand on patient

Our values

The Oxcia team uses their head, hands and hearts in everything we do.  We are inspired by a passion for ground-breaking science and improving patients’ lives.  Science-led, with a collaborative approach and a strong conviction we will cure diseases in cancer and inflammation, we work hard with a smile.

Business Strategy

Oxcia’s strategy is to build an innovative pharmaceutical company based in Sweden, through cutting-edge science and operational excellence. The business strategy is to develop early research projects originating from academia through preclinical studies and clinical development up to phase III, preparing the product for pivotal studies and market approval.

For commercialization, Oxcia will in the medium term out-license or partner with pharmaceutical companies that have the capacity to bring the product to market and broad clinical use.

Oxcia prioritizes indications with high unmet need. This increases the possibilities of orphan drug status/fast track and/or conditional approval to shorten the road to the market

Oxcia is developing the products for the global market. The IP portfolio is broad and covers Europe, the US, Asia and the rest of the world.

We are a science-led company who also prioritize listening to patients, understanding the challenges they face and working with scientific experts and clinicians to find innovative solutions.

Oxcia is interested in collaborations and/or license agreements with partners from the pharmaceutical/biotech industry and academic research groups. Combinations with other therapeutics with complementary mechanisms of action is one area of particular interest. The end goal is to provide significantly better treatments for patients.



Diversified portfolio targeting large markets

Oxcia is a clinical stage life science company with two DDR drug candidates

  • OXC-101 (Karonudib, MTH1 inhibitor) targeting cancer (phase 1)
  • OXC-201 (TH5487, OGG1 inhibitor) targeting iniflamation and fibrosis


Prioritized and growing scientific area

  • Several big pharma and biotech companies are working in the DDR field and M&A activity is high. Oxcia is one of the pioneers, with clinical projects demonstrating first-in-class potential. 


Two phase 1 trials with lead compound OXC-101 completion 2022

Two ongoing phase 1 trials with lead candidate OXC-101 for solid cancer and leukemia with completion in 2022

  • High probability of achieving primary and secondary goals
  • Efficacy signals supporting the mechanism of action and drug activity
  • Oxcia aims for fast track and/or conditional approval to shorten the road to the market


First-in-class, first-in-human, orally administered lead candidate

  • Low competition in clinical trials from drugs
    targeting the same pathway
  • Formulation completed. Orally administered treatment as tablets is convenient and reduces the need for hospital visits which positively impacts quality of life for the patient and health care costs.


Well tolerated and excellent safety

  • Phase 1 and pre-clinical data have demonstrated good tolerability and an excellent safety profile
  • >35 patients in the two studies, with no unexpected or irreversible side effects


Extensive pre-clinical research

  • Extensive pre-clinical research together with over 20 universities and big pharma companies in Europe, US and China.


Management with proven experience of drug development

  • Founders of the DDR field
  • Together over 200 years of experience from the pharma industry
  • Large global network of Key Opinion Leaders from the academia and the drug industry
  • Several publications in prestigious journals, such as Nature and Science


Strong IP portfolio

Strong broad IP portfolio in Europe, US, Asia and the rest of the world