Thomas Helleday

Thomas Helleday

Member of the board since 2020

Professor of Translational Medicine and Chemical Biology at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, where he heads a large multidisciplinary translational research group focusing on understanding DNA damage response biology and translating the findings into novel anti-cancer treatments concepts and drugs.  The group was first to demonstrate the synthetic lethality concept for treating cancer by showing homologous recombination defective cancers (e.g., BRCA) were sensitive to PARP inhibitors. Professor Helleday has been awarded numerous eminent international grants and awards in recognition of his research accomplishments including the Eppendorf-Nature Young European Investigator Award (2005) and ERC advanced grants (2010 and 2016). Prof Helleday is a honorary professor at University of Sheffield where he previously were Cancer Centre Director and has previous professorial chairs also at University of Oxford and Stockholm University. Thomas is one of the co-founders of Oxcia AB and founder of Thomas Helleday Foundation for Medical Research.

He obtained his first degree in molecular biology at Stockholm University (1995). Alongside these studies, he took a degree in Business Administration and Economics at the same university (1996). In 1999, he was awarded a PhD from Stockholm University for his studies on homologous recombination in mammalian cells, and in 2003 associate professor at Stockholm University.

Furthermore, Professor at Stockholm University (2006), University of Sheffield (2006), University of Oxford (2007), and Karolinska Institute (2012).

Holdings : 757 500 A-shares, 5 722 540 B-shares.

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