Oxcia attends DDR Inhibitors Summit in Boston

Oxcia’s CEO Ulrika Warpman Berglund will attend the DDR Inhibitors Summit in Boston January 24-26th and present a poster describing the unique dual mechanism of action of OXC-101 and its potent and well tolerated anti-cancer effects. DDR is short for DNA Damage Response – and refers to the processes the body uses to repair the damage that occurs to DNA.  DDR inhibition has huge potential to treat many tumors. The largest hurdle in drug development, toxicity, will be in focus at the conference. Good safety & tolerability is one of OXC-101 strengths. 

OXC-101 is a mitotic MTH1 inhibitor, a new drug class, combining DDR inhibition and hindering of cell division to kill cancer cells without harming the healthy ones. 

Many of the key players in the field will be at the DDR Inhibitor Summit including AstraZeneca, Genentech and Bristol Myers Squibb. If you will attend the conference, please get in contact with Ulrika.